Band Needs

This page will be a list of equipment and other needs that would greatly assist and/or augment the Band Program. If you are so inclined, please feel free to purchase or donate the following equipment to our program! We would certainly appreciate it! We can provide you with a tax deduction letter and a sincere "thank you!" We would love to list you or your corporation in our programs and on our patron page. Have questions about donations? Please click on the Discussion tab above!

(Please! Only let Mr. Spang add donation suggestions!)

  • A small drum set for jazz band - preferably a Gretch Catalina model. ( ~ $700.00)
  • Euphoniums (JZ 4 "in-line" valve non-compensating euphoniums). We need 2. (~ $900.00 each)
  • Trombone Cup Mutes by Dennis Wick (We need 4.) ( ~ $70.00 each) [more]
  • Trombone Bucket Mutes by Jo-Ral (We need 4.) (~ $80.00 each) [more]
  • Bass Trombone Bucket Mute by Jor Ral (We need 1.) (~$90.00.) [more]
  • Microphones for Jazz Band. (We need 6.) (~$110.00 each) [more]
  • Large Music Stand Carts by Wenger (We need 2.) ( ~ $375.00 each) [see Mr. Spang to donate.]
  • Music Chair "Move and Store Cart" by Wenger (We need 4.) ( ~ $275.00 each) [see Mr. Spang to donate.]